The WISE Young Professionals’ Board is a group of diverse exceptional young role models working at a variety of WISE member companies in the UK. 

We pride ourselves in representing a wide range of backgrounds, educational routes and industries, which allows us to authentically champion, engage with, support and represent the 1 million strong UK workforce of women in STEM. 

We empower WISE’s decision making by providing honest and constructive feedback when working with WISE to increase our impact and ensure WISE remains relevant and considerate of young professionals in STEM. 

We engage and inspire women and girls in STEM by running independent initiatives, such as: 

  • writing blogs, 

  • collaborating with Harper Collins on educational materials for primary age students, 

  • coordinating competitions and producing social media content, 

  • representing WISE at events. 

We strengthen our team by continually improving ourselves and the Board, using opportunities from both WISE and external support offered. Consequently, we become more skilled in advising WISE, engaging with others and enacting change in our companies and the STEM industry. 

As a group of passionate young diverse professionals in STEM we are catalysts of cultural change both in our own workplaces and at a national level. We want there to be gender parity in STEM because a diverse workforce will deliver innovative solutions that solve complex and pressing global issues. 


Current WISE Young Professionals' Board Members