WISE Young Professionals’ Board

Meet the WISE Young Professionals’ Board

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We are a group of diverse, relatable professionals who lead initiatives to inspire, engage & advocate for the next generation of STEM.

The WISE Young Professionals’ Board this year is made up of 12 exceptional young individuals working in STEM aged under 30, they support our members to be successful as they progress in the STEM workforce and navigate through their early careers. The Board members are successful young role models in their industries, poised to bring their expertise to an ever changing workplace, and with technology creating new ways to network and grow professionally in comparison to 30 years ago. WYPB members are a great asset to the WISE campaign, informing strategy and providing insight.

WISE Young Professionals’ Board Alumni | Meet the Past Members!

Chair | Hazel Atkins

BMT, Senior Data Scientist

Frida Nzaba

Rolls-Royce PLC, Manufacturing Engineer

Kathryn Malcolm

Graduate Engineer, AstraZeneca

Madeleine Groves

CGL, Senior Geotechnical Engineer

Isobel Vernon-Avery

Arup, Graduate Consultant

Beth Probert

Altran UK, Software Engineer

Gisela Rossi

Tessian, Senior Software Engineer

Josiah O’Brien

Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE), Graduate Physicist

Rachel Lord

Cardiff Metropolitan University, Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Physiology

Abigail Seager

BBC, Senior Systems Engineer

Alexandra Lawson

Shell UK, SEGAL Hydrocarbon Scheduler

Krystel Richards

Warnermedia CNN, Associate Broadcast IT Engineer

Halimatu Abubakar

Collins Aerospace, Support Engineer

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