Women in Science and Engineering Young Professionals Board WYPB. Women in STEM

We are a group of like-minded people who care about achieving gender parity in STEM.

We all represent a part of the one million strong UK female STEM workforce.

We aim to empower women in STEM and act as friendly role models and allies to promote equity, diversity and inclusion in our fields.

We provide valuable insights on the pathways into STEM careers such as apprenticeships and university, and insights on working in the world of STEM.

We are the WISE Young Professionals’ Board!


The WISE Young Professionals’ Board engages and inspires women and girls in STEM by running independent initiatives, such as:

  • Collaborating with Harper Collins on educational materials for primary age students
  • Coordinating competitions
  • Representing WISE at events
  • Building and engaging our network through book clubs, our podcast and shouting about all the great activities on our social media platforms


The WYPB also empowers WISE’s decision-making by attending quarterly in-person meet-ups to provide honest and constructive feedback to ensure WISE remains relevant and considerate of young professionals in STEM.


“As a group of passionate young diverse professionals in STEM we are catalysts of cultural change both in our own workplaces and at a national level. We want there to be gender parity in STEM because a diverse workforce will deliver innovative solutions that solve complex and pressing global issues.”


Women in Science and Engineering Young Professionals Board

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The team manages the partnerships and relationships the WYPB has with book publishers, career guides, professional bodies and schools.


The team is responsible for creating content and resources to engage with networks and member organisations. Including the podcast, competition and blog etc.


Our team whats to support young women in STEM. Here you'll some of the things we've made that will help make a career in STEM a reality for all.

Conference and Events

The WYPB get involved with speaker events, internal and external conferences. Check out where they’ve been.

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