Junior Consultant, Capgemini Engineering

How I came to STEM

I’d always thought writing software was one of the coolest jobs in the world, but found myself up against more than a few barriers in my very traditional school.

I’d always loved to learn how things work and solve problems, probably annoying my parents immensely with all the questions I asked.

While options in my education were limited, I began writing software as a hobby in my spare time in university, however I was unable to pursue software professionally until after graduating, when I was given the opportunity to become an apprentice with Capgemini, learning on project as well as through training sessions. 

Why I love what I do

I get to learn new things from brilliant people every single day! Not only do I get the immense satisfaction of figuring out new problems and puzzles, but every single day I understand something completely new, and have the absolute joy of having some amazing colleagues to absorb knowledge from.  

What I’m hoping to achieve through the WYPB 

I’m super proud of the ripples I’ve started to make in my company, that work to ensure it is an amazing place for everyone, no matter their background.

Collaborative efforts have led to client accountability, allyship resources, better reporting and more leadership involvement and accountability.  

Going forward, I hope to utilise WISE resources to keep this momentum up, not only with Capgemini, but within the entire STEM industry.

I also want to break down those barriers that kept me from engineering in the first place, so that everyone has the option to chase their chosen career.