How I Came To STEM 

Growing up I always had a flare for maths and the sciences. It was this curiosity for the subject paired with a school field trip to a power station that opened my eyes to the possibilities of STEM and how it underpins every aspect of our lives. 

With a desire to join the military I studied for a Masters in Aeronautical Engineering at Loughborough University, where I completed internships at Caterpillar and BAE Systems. It was here that I realised that I was more interested in working alongside the military, in defence capabilities. This led me to return to BAE Systems on their graduate programme as an aerospace engineer. 

Why I Love What I Do 

I love being an engineer as every day presents new challenges and opportunities to be innovative and push the boundaries on what is possible. Working in the defence sector the roles are diverse and fast-paced, with the opportunity to work on exciting and innovative projects. 

My current role working on Project Tempest is a unique opportunity to work at the start of the lifecycle and be involved in designing revolutionary technologies, something which is simultaneously challenging and exciting and ensures I am engaged every day! I also get the opportunity to collaborate with experts in the field who help me learn and develop myself every day. 

Technology is currently developing faster than it ever has before and this makes it a really exciting time to work within the aviation sector. We are having to predict what the future will look like and develop technology that will match that and our future needs. 

I enjoy representing BAE Systems as a STEM Ambassador through numerous outreach programmes, showing younger generations what options are available to them and breaking down stereotypes of what an engineer looks like. 

What I’m Proud Of, & What I’m Hoping To Achieve Through The WYPB 

I am passionate about driving and creating positive cultural change at work. I love my role as an engineer, however, coming from a lower socioeconomic background and entering an industry which is both male dominated and has an underlying elitist mentality the journey here wasn’t an easy one. My aim is to open doors for others so other young people do not experience the same barriers and struggles. 

I am proud of the change I have already made during my time in university and my current role and I am hoping to take this further through the WYPB. I am keen to collaborate with like-minded people and hope to share ideas and learn from others about the steps they are taking within their organisations. 

I aim to be a visible role model for others in the industry and for the younger generation and I want to champion all types of inclusion in STEM.