Project Manager, Atomic Weapons Establishment

How I Came To STEM

I have always been fascinated by the mysteries of the universe since a young age, an interest sparked by watching space documentaries with my Dad. I’m naturally quite curious and have an aptitude for problem-solving, so STEM seemed like a perfect choice for my career.

I went on to study physics at Nottingham Trent University and completed a year in industry at the Home Office, where I became interested in counter-terrorism and security. After graduating, I spent a couple of years as a physics and maths tutor, seeing girls grow in confidence in those subjects was extremely rewarding for me.

I then joined AWE on the physics graduate scheme and completed a number of placements within physics. I have recently completed a secondment working directly for the CEO, and I am now working as a project manager on a major programme within defence.

Why I Love What I Do

I love working in an industry that is supporting the defence and security of the UK and I am proud to play a part in keeping the country safe. I love the variety of projects that I have been able to get involved with and there is always so much to learn! Despite no longer being a scientist, I continue to use my technical background to apply logical thinking to problems I encounter. As well as the wide range of opportunities AWE has given me, I have also enjoyed working with a variety of different people and have had immense support throughout my career.

The opportunities across all organisations within STEM really are endless and I believe that there is a role for everyone.

What I’m Proud Of, & What I’m Hoping To Achieve Through The WYPB

I am proud of the barriers that I have already overcome to get to where I am today. As a physicist, I have been aware of the disparity between genders within STEM from school age, through university and into my career at AWE.

I am extremely passionate about improving diversity and inclusion across STEM and within leadership positions. I have become an active lead member of the Gender Balance Working Group at AWE to actively promote gender balance in the workplace. I represented AWE at the Women in Nuclear: Push for Change event in the House of Lords; this was an opportunity to network with leaders across the nuclear industry and discuss how we can improve diversity. I am also an Industry Fellow at NTU where I have supported activities such as mock interviews and Q&A sessions to show the range of opportunities available after graduation.

I have two nieces and I like to think I am a positive role model to them and have shown them that they can do anything they want to do, and that being a girl isn’t a barrier.

I am really excited to be joining the WYPB, to work with like-minded individuals, not only to inspire the next generation of girls into STEM and leadership but also to encourage organisations to make the changes needed to support women that choose STEM to reach their full potential. I believe that STEM should be accessible to all, and it is only through actively addressing deep-rooted issues together that we can start to improve the imbalance.