My Skills My Life is a tried and tested outreach resource created by WISE to inspire girls aged 11-19 to consider a career in STEM. It allows girls to find out about their career personality types and matches them with role models who have rewarding and successful careers in STEM.

We have an online platform with over 1000 role model case studies, which include information about career pathways and brings the role models to life. It also includes information about companies and the opportunities they have to offer. We also have a paper version of the resource available.
Whether you are a company looking for support with your outreach programmes, an individual wanting to help inspire the next generation, a teacher looking for careers resources or someone looking for career advice and inspiration yourself, My Skills My Life can help you.

What Makes My Skills My Life Unique? 

My Skills My Life is unique as a careers tool in that it doesn’t just showcase STEM careers but focuses on fantastic people who are working in STEM. Research-based, My Skills My Life uses role models and personality traits to help girls identify with their STEM-identity. The resource can be used flexibly and tailored to your needs by using the paper resource, online tool, inviting role models or using our role model profiles.

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