Analysis of 2022 A-Level Results

2022 A-Level students were the first since before the COVID-19 pandemic to sit their exams in a hall. This has probably contributed the drop in the number of girls achieving […]

Updated Workforce Statistics to Dec 2021


The latest government workforce data as of end of Dec 2021 shows a positive increase in the percentage of women making up the Core-STEM workforce at 26.6% of the total, […]

Analysis Of 2021 GCSE Core STEM Entrants


Record STEM GCSE grades for girls although numbers opting for non-core STEM subjects fell considerably.  Girls achieved record top grades in STEM GCSEs with 55% of girls achieving A*-A *(grades […]

Analysis Of 2021 A-Level Core STEM Entrants


Gap between girls and boys awarded A* in Core-STEM subjects widens  Girls continued to outperform in Core STEM A-levels this year with 52.2% awarded A or A* across all subjects […]

Annual Core-STEM Stats Round Up: 2019-20

There are two lessons which can be drawn from what’s happened in the last year in core-STEM, based on statistics for education, the workforce and boardrooms.  Firstly, incremental progress, although […]

Women on Boards 2019 


Overall, when it comes to getting women into the boardroom the trends for FTSE 100 companies are positive, with more women overall, more women in executive roles and more companies […]

Core STEM Graduates 2019

Introduction  The number of core-STEM female higher education qualification achievements (Levels 4-6 – henceforth referred to as ‘graduates’ for simplicity) increased between 2018 and 2019, continuing the trend of recent […]