The latest government workforce data, as of end of September 2022 are as follows:

Women make up 26.9% of the Core-STEM workforce, no change on the previous quarter but up from 26.6% in December 2021.

The percentage of women engineers is 13.0% down from 13.6% last quarter and up from 12.5% last December (see pic).

The proportion of women working in SET Management 19% and Science Professionals now make up 51.2%

Unfortunately, the number of women IT Professionals and those in IT Technician roles has fallen further – from 19.9% in June 2022 to 19.5%, and 25.9% to 24.7% respectively.

Changes are better observed over longer periods, so do read our previous updates below.

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WISE will continue to update these headline figures on a quarterly basis as and when Annual Population Survey (APS) data is released. A more in depth analysis of this data – looking at trends across the years – will be released in April each year.