Women In STEM Apprenticeships 2018/19 


The percentage of core STEM apprenticeships started by females has, once again, increased, so that in the 2018-9 academic year one in ten core-STEM apprenticeships were started by females. The […]

Women in STEM Apprenticeships 2017/18 


Generally, in 2017/8 the trend in Core STEM apprenticeships was for women to account for a higher percentage of apprenticeship starts the higher the level of the apprenticeship. Given that […]

2018 Workforce Statistics 


With over 900,000 women in core STEM occupations* we are on track to reaching WISE’s goal of 1 million women in core STEM in 2020. The number of women in […]

Boardroom Statistics 2018 

Progress being made by the biggest STEM companies, but the FTSE 250 companies have more work to do.  FTSE 100  For the first time, the majority of the companies indexed […]

Core STEM Graduates 2018

The number of female higher education qualification achievements (Levels 4-6 – henceforth referred to as ‘graduates’ for simplicity) in Core STEM subject areas increased in 2018 from the 2017 number, […]

Women in STEM Workforce 2017 


Women make up 23% of those in core STEM occupations in the UK and 24% of those working in core STEM industries.  The trends are very positive, with more women […]