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JTL, established since 1990, is the leading work-based learning provider in the building services engineering sector across England and Wales.

We’re a not-for-profit charity, offering advanced apprenticeships in electrical installation, engineering maintenance, mechanical engineering services comprising plumbing, alongside heating and ventilating.

We serve approximately 8,000 apprentices and 3,800 employers in 4 regions across England and Wales.

JTL holds contracts with the Education Skills Funding Agency in England and for Welsh Government funding in Wales and all our funding is reinvested in apprenticeship training.

JTL has evolved to also provide a growing choice of professional development training for those already working within the industries.

What projects / schemes / initiatives to support women’s recruitment, retention and progression in STEM are JTL involved in?

JTL is committed to equality and diversity for all. As well as working with organisations such as WISE, we actively seek to recruit more females into the building services engineering sector through targeted learner marketing campaigns and through promotion of female learner case studies on our website and on our social channels, to inspire other females to enter the profession.

It’s all about raising awareness, challenging stereotypes, and helping young women understand the very real benefits of becoming a trade professional.

We are committed to engaging with schools, changing perceptions in the sector itself and making it clear that females are every bit as good at these jobs as their male counterparts.

Why did JTL Training join WISE?

JTL has worked in partnership with WISE for many years to encourage more females to enter the sector.  JTL believes that by working with organisations that have the same aims, together we will achieve our goals and make a real difference.

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