WISE Awards

“Inclusion is not a matter of political correctness. It is the key to growth.”
Jesse Jackson, Activist

WISE Awards

We are celebrating 20 years of the WISE Awards by looking back over our WISE Award Winners of the past 20 years, to see what they achieved and how their story developed since winning their award. Click here to find out more about our past WISE Award winners.

Role models, such as our previous winners, are an invaluable tool in our mission towards achieving greater gender balance in STEM. The WISE 20 have been chosen to reflect the diversity of experiences, accomplishments and challenges faced by previous WISE Award winners. Through the WISE 20, we want to tell even more stories and encourage further action.

We are not holding our WISE Awards in our usual way and are focusing on celebrating all the 1 million women who work across STEM in the UK. We ask everyone in STEM to get involved in the #1ofthemillion campaign.

The WISE 20

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Unsung Covid Heroes Awards – Celebrating Women in STEM

2019 WISE Awards

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