ECITB Training Accreditation Opens New Doors for WISE’s D&I

WISE’s Interim Head of Products & Services (D&I) says he’s “proud and delighted” to have become an ECTIB-accredited trainer – further strengthening his expertise in diversity and inclusion.

Jack Painter, who co-heads WISE’s delivery team, is now approved to deliver the ECITB accredited Introduction to D&I course. He is also equipped for delivering training in unconscious bias – in the pipeline to be added to WISE’s ECITB-accredited offering.

The ECITB (Engineering Construction Industry Training Board) is the employer-led skills, standards and qualifications body for the development of the engineering construction workforce of Great Britain.

An arms-length body of the UK Government, the ECITB reports to the Department for Education, and is recognised nationwide as a leading body for training accreditation.

Jack now joins more than 200 approved training providers in the UK.

Adding “legitimacy” to D&I training

Jack said: “ECITB is a prestigious training body, and being accredited lends a large amount of legitimacy to me as a trainer. It’s a really great organisation to hone my skills with as I develop professionally.

“ECITB training allows WISE access to major clients across the engineering and construction industries, but more importantly it widens the reach of diversity and inclusion training generally. This makes it more readily available to the engineering and construction industry all over the country.”

“The business case for D&I in STEM is really strong. We know that inclusive organisations are more innovative, deliver better customer service and ultimately see improvements to their bottom lines.

“Better access to D&I training will spread awareness of this robust business case to the engineering and constructions sectors and help secure the senior buy-in required to drive an inclusive culture and reap the associated benefits.”

He added: “As well as raising awareness of the importance of diversity & inclusion, delivering training broadens access to major construction and engineering organisations for WISE.

“We’re always looking for new members to engage with and support on their journey, and the ECITB is an excellent forum for this.

“We hope that the training is just the start for many of the attendees. WISE has a great range of further products and services and well as deep subject matter expertise in promoting diversity and inclusivity, which we hope organisations we meet through the ECITB training are keen to tap further into.”

The ECITB approves training providers to deliver training and assessment for more than 80,000 learners each year.

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