Understanding our own biases and the impacts they can have in the workplace is a great first step in employees recognising and mitigating against the negative impact of their biases. WISE’s unconscious bias training looks at the theory underpinning our biases and the different types of bias that we experience.

The training is designed to be the first step on an employee’s allyship journey; it’s perfect for employees who haven’t been exposed to previous Unconscious Bias training and covers the fundamentals of the phenomenon. 

This WISE training provides evidence-based research and insights, tips, and guidance. Facilitated discussions and activities are used to consolidate learning and the session is designed to enable participants to recognise their own biases and start to mitigate against them. 

Session structure: 

  • Unconscious Bias theory 

  • This section involves an exploration of what unconscious biases are, how and why they developed and the effect they have on us 

  • Types of biases 

  • This section involves looking at the various types of unconscious bias we experience in the workplace (including affinity bias, confirmation bias and various others), and includes activities to demonstrate the biases and how these might look in the workplace 

  • Bias in workplace scenarios 

  • Real-world examples of bias from the news and academia are used to further bring learning home and demonstrate the importance of mitigating against unconscious bias 

  • Mitigating against bias 

  • The final section focuses on what we as individuals can do to mitigate against our unconscious biases, including an introduction to the concept of allyship with some historical and contemporary examples of allies 

Important Information:

  • Accessible to: Members & Non-members
  • Active Members Price: £1,195 (Ex VAT)
  • Online & non-members Price: £1,495 (Ex VAT)
  • Participants: Up to 20 
  • Lead time: Minimum 1-week 
  • Duration: 2-3 hours 
  • Delivery method: Online & in-person (extra charge)  

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