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Join WISE and be part of a forward-thinking network of companies and organisations that are taking action to increase the number of women in STEM.

As a member you will be actively supporting the attraction, retention and progression of women. Join us on the journey to make the many small changes within your organisation that can lead to a step change in your business.

Gain access to our 30 years of expertise plus the combined experiences from a network of more than 200 member companies and organisations spanning across different industries.

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WISE brand association
Online member area access
WISE Young Professionals’ Board nominations
Access to role models
Share your stories online
WISE regional hub access
Attend WISE webinars
Access to case studies
Free job adverts
1 per year
3 per year
5 per year
5 per year
Attend in-person Knowledge Sharing Events
Be a Ten Steps Signatory
Ten Steps benchmarking
Access to best practices
10% discount on job adverts
Access to WISE account manager
Company profile on the My Skills My Life platform
Senior executives annual meetings
Ten Steps workshop
Access to WISE’s senior leadership team for tailored workshops/internal events
Lead partner for change
High profile campaign supporter

Access the latest insights

Join WISE and be part of a community of professionals, mentors, thought leaders, change-makers and trailblazers committed to increasing the representation of women in STEM.

As a member you have access to online information, insight, tools and resources to help you and your organisation promote and support female talent.

You join the growing WISE network of member, affiliates and regional hubs.

Access the latest insights. Increase your knowledge and network.

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Join the conversation, unlock a wealth of benefits

Core membership gives you access to the tools, the expert guidance and the extended network to drive and sustain gender parity for your organisation.

Join a community of change-makers and draw insight and inspiration from other companies and organisations leading the charge in gender balance.

Share best practices. Benchmark your progress. And pinpoint the key areas to prioritise as you move towards the accomplishment of your goals and objectives.

As a core member, you will work closely with a dedicated account manager to get the very most from the support resources, training and events that WISE offers your organisation – from cross-industry analysis, to our Ten Steps Framework, to professional development for your teams and decision makers, to how and why to bring in expert speakers.

Join the conversation. Drive the change your organisation needs.

In addition to the WISE Member benefits, Core Members have:

  • Access to the WISE Ten Steps framework and analytical tools to benchmark against other WISE Members
  • Access to best practices and case studies from member organisations
  • Opportunity to share insights not only in our Webinars but also our in-person Knowledge Sharing Events
  • 3 free job ads

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Customise to meet your goals and your needs

Premium membership is a custom-built solution, calibrated with precision to your organisation’s specific needs.

You work directly with a WISE relationship director to identify and diagnose your mission-critical challenges, goals and objectives and create an Action Plan to address these.

We will work with you to align the full suite of WISE tools and resources to your needs. From case studies to diagnostics, in-person workshops to on-point consultancy; from cross-organisational professional development to targeted training for senior management, we help you understand and apply insight across the entirety of your business.

Build understanding, accelerate capabilities, deliver meaningful support to your female talent.

Customise to meet your goals, and deliver exceptional results for your organisation.

In addition to the benefits offered for Core Members, Premium Members have access to:

  • Exclusive annual meetings for senior executives
  • A tailored Ten Steps Workshop to enable better use of the WISE Ten Steps framework and against other WISE members
  • A tailored workshop with a senior member of the WISE team from a list of premium members exclusive choices
  • 5 free job ads

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Lead the charge for change

Strategic partners have a critical role to play in shaping WISE strategy; supporting our broader initiatives and helping us deliver impact at a societal level.

As recognised leaders in diversity and inclusion, strategic partners work closely with the WISE senior leadership team to meet our shared critical objectives, extend reach and drive visibility. They are a voice for gender parity in education, business and society at large.

Stand with us for equal access to opportunity. For equal rights to contribute. For progress for all.

Stand with us for change. Lead the charge for change.

If you would like further information on how WISE works with its strategic partners, please email Dimitra Christakou at d.christakou@wisecampaign.org.uk

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