90% of new jobs will require digital skills and women are less likely to go for digital roles, so I think it’s vital that we encourage more women to take up STEM subjects and tech roles in order to prepare for the future. During school, I wasn’t encouraged to work in technology nor did I have any idea of what working in technology could be like. I didn’t start a career in technology until I got a job at Mastercard in 2014, and now I love working in tech! 

I currently work for Mastercard in the Digital Payments team working with banks to enable their customers to use their banking apps safely and securely to pay online and in app. Prior to this I led the work with banks and digital partners in the UK to launch Mastercard’s tokenization platform, which enables mobile and digital payments such as Apple Pay. In 2015 I spent six months consulting on digital strategy in Mexico City within Mastercard’s consulting arm. 

I am a key member and campaigner for the Mastercard European Women’s Leadership Network and a STEM ambassador, taking part in Girls4Tech, which encourages young girls to take up STEM subjects. In my spare time, I mentor female students and colleagues, providing advice and mentorship in order to open up opportunities for the future female pipeline in the technology sector. 

I think it’s vital that young women and girls have plenty of role models in STEM careers and being part of the WISE Young Women’s Board will give me a chance to drive that! Without the encouragement and understanding of what working in STEM could be like, we will continue with a huge disparity of men and women. Girls will miss out on incredible career opportunities and the technology industry will be missing out on a wealth of talent.