Since a very young age, I have had a passion for Mathematics and have had a flair for the subject. I enjoyed the application of Mathematics and solving problems that initially seemed impossible, which motivated me to derive solutions. Mathematics is very broad and the logical aspect together with the creative freedom to derive solutions in multiple ways led me to pursue Mathematics at a higher level.  

I studied an integrated Masters (MSci) Mathematics degree at the University of Birmingham. During my degree, I thoroughly enjoyed mechanics and from my second year onwards I began specialising in Applied Mathematics. Furthermore, my research project was inspired by my love of aeroplanes, and I focused on the mathematical equations and principles that make flight possible.  

Following completion of my degree, I applied my passion and extensive knowledge in Mathematics to the field of Engineering and started my career in the Aerospace and Defence sector; where I combined my academic learnings to solve complex technical problems to help engineer a better world.   

From my experience, Mathematics is pivotal to many STEM subjects and the real-world applications of Mathematics are endless. I am very fortunate to have supportive parents that helped me pursue my passion.