Many of us have one or two protected characteristics, others have more, some have none. But we can all be allies for under-represented groups of which we are not a member.

An ally is someone who will take action to support that group and challenge inappropriate behaviour.

An increase in the number of allies in a workplace will lead to improved equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) within your workplace.

The ways in which you can be a good ally include the following:

• Acting as a sponsor – promote positive examples and role models.
• Being a champion – mention talented individuals when talking to decision makers.
• Amplifying the voice of under-represented colleagues – your voice may have more weight than theirs.
• Being an advocate for under-represented groups – challenge negative assumptions and stereotypes.
• Being a scholar on the issue of inclusion and diversity – be curious about other people’s experiences.
• Being a confident to under-represented colleagues – if you are a manager create a safe space to talk.
• Celebrate differences – recognise and talk about the benefits of diversity in the workplace.