Intro To Diversity and Inclusion Diversity in the workforce Lesson 2: Ongoing problems despite changing attitudes

On the bright side

Fortunately for all of us, attitudes towards minorities and under-represented groups in the workplace and society are changing. This makes implementing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) initiatives in a workplace less onerous than it once was.

According to the below 2019 Ipsos Mori poll people are more optimistic that Britain will be a more diverse and tolerant place to live in 10 years. An increased majority of people claim they would be happy for their child to marry someone from another ethnic group and 45% of those asked believed there was more racial tolerance in the UK then 10 years ago.

Sadly, there are still problems…

WISE exists because there are still problems regarding employment and progression of people from under-represented groups in STEM roles and the wider workforce. Sadly, the following statements, about the general workforce, continue to be true: