Intro To Diversity and Inclusion What can you do as an individual? Answer 10.1.1. Answer: How to be a good ally

The answer to Question 1, ‘which of the following is NOT an example of good allyship?‘ is ‘overlooking people from under-represented groups’ since such people need to be championed and sponsored by allies.

It is also important that good allies make an attempt to be as knowledgeable as they can be on the issue of diversity and inclusion.

The answer to Question 2, ‘Which of the following does NOT describe the actions of a good ally? ‘is ‘They will make sure to let everyone know they pity people with protected characteristics.‘ Pity is not the sort of emotion a good ally will express.

Instead they should recognise that being in a minority presents challenges and that they would probably experience the same challenges if they had the same characteristics. An ally will also be aware of potential bias in themselves and others and take the time to stop and think and challenge others people’s assumptions and stereotypes.