Inclusive Recruitment Introduction to inclusive recruitment Lesson 1: The business benefits of inclusive recruitment

The business case for prioritising Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) initiatives is very strong. Many reports have shown that diverse businesses benefit from the following:



  •  Better choice of skilled workers.
  • Improved innovation and creativity.
  • An increase in workforce productivity.
  • Better customer experience.
  • Improved financial performance.

Please take five minutes to read through the ‘WISE Business Case for Gender Diversity in STEM’.

Diversity also creates a happy workforce

Having a diverse and inclusive workplace also results in an improved work environment leading to the following benefits for your workforce:

• Increased loyalty – staff will see a future for themselves at your company.
• Better creativity – employees will have the confidence to speak up with ideas and insights.
Ownership in teams – members will be given credit and own up to mistakes.

Clover Pop – Decision Practices Research Study (2017)