Equity diversity inclusion bespoke support consultancy

Looking for bespoke EDI support? At WISE, we provide consultancy services to help you along every step of your EDI journey.  

WISE recognises that no two members are the same and we understand a business’s EDI initiatives and challenges are often unique. 

This is why our talented team of EDI experts offer bespoke consultancy services which are driven by your individual organisation needs, via a collaborative and informed approach. 

Supporting Every Step of Your EDI Journey 

Do you have a specific requirement or challenge? Talk to our EDI consultancy team and let us know your needs. We’ll work with you to create solutions to overcome your challenges and support your journey. 

Our consultancy services include, but are not limited to: 

  • Data monitoring 
  • Job description reviews 
  • EDI policy reviews 
  • EDI strategy reviews 
  • HR process reviews 
  • Mentoring and reverse mentoring programmes 
  • Talent management & succession planning 
  • Leadership programmes 
  • Flexible working and reasonable adjustments upskilling 
  • Performance management process review 
  • Cultural Analysis Tool (CAT) 

We have a talented team of experts who hold a wealth of knowledge and experience in equity, diversity and inclusion strategy. Our team is here to support you by acting as a guiding light across the EDI landscape. 

Let us support you by getting in touch today.  

Training Enquiry

Enquire below to book your training or workshop session. Don’t forget that WISE members receive discounts on all bookings.