Fiona Duffy

Plant Design Engineer, Air Products How I Came To STEMI always excelled in maths and sciences, but I also had a love for art, and in school when it came […]

Lily Dobbs

Transformation Specialist, Automation Lead, BT  How I Came To STEM  I have always really liked learning – interested in finding out fun facts about all sorts of things! My interest […]

Susie Little

Electrical Engineer, Arup How I came to STEM  Going through school, maths and science were always my favourite subjects – STEM subjects always just made sense to me, but I […]

Bea Lloyd

Junior Consultant, Capgemini Engineering How I came to STEM I’d always thought writing software was one of the coolest jobs in the world, but found myself up against more than […]

Nintse Dan-The

Nintse Dan-The

Graduate Systems Engineer, Northrop Grumman UK  How I came to STEM Whilst growing up, I always found myself gravitating towards maths and the sciences. With mathematics in particular, I really […]

Katy Corfield

QUALITY MANAGER, GSK  How I came to STEM  I have always been analytically minded and growing up, I was always questioning the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ to understand things in […]

Zipporah Stephen

DATA ANALYST, CISCO  How I came to STEM  I have always had a love for seeing new places as those had been some of the happiest memories from my childhood. […]

Tariq Ismail

INSPIRATION AND ENGAGEMENT SPECIALIST, THE SMALLPEICE TRUST  How I came to STEM  My journey into STEM is a story of not really knowing exactly what I wanted to do but […]

Susie Jutsum

SENIOR ENGINEER (GEOTECHNICAL), TONY GEE AND PARTNERS LLP  After struggling with career choices during secondary school I found my way into civil engineering through a pre-university year in industry with […]

Sarah Malkin

DEFENCE & SECURITY DIVISION, ENGINEERING SUPPORT OFFICER, BABCOCK INTERNATIONAL GROUP  When I left school, I set myself up as a self-employed relief equestrian & farm worker and it was during […]