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This section will help you to support the able and talented women you have recruited onto your apprenticeship scheme. We want to support you to create an inclusive learning environment, where women can be themselves, do their best work and thrive.

Retaining, and progressing individuals at all levels within your organisation, not just apprentice level, will be more likely in an environment where each person feels welcome, supported and encouraged. Identifying and addressing the culture of your organisation and in particular issues that may prevent girls and women staying on, achieving and progressing is the starting point. Building and maintaining this environment requires the participation and commitment of ALL colleagues, the benefits of which are available to all and are much wider than just profitability and productivity.

Supporting ALL your employees to reach their full potential will maximise the returns on your investment in them.

Implement good practice initiatives to develop an inclusive training environment

Women represent a valuable pool of untapped talent, diverse skills and future success for your organisation. Once they have overcome all the barriers and joined your organisation, providing a welcoming and supportive environment will ensure they achieve their full potential and maximise your investment in them.

This checklist will help you to develop such an environment.

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Empower your colleagues to help create an inclusive training environment

Your policies and practices are in place to support the building of an inclusive training environment. Colleagues are aware of what is expected of them, and processes support your apprentices in both the workplace and the training environment.

By involving your colleagues further in building a positive and inclusive culture you can embed the culture and really develop team spirit and a supportive environment.

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