A thank you to Professor Dame Sarah Gilbert

WISE would like to thank Professor Dame Sarah Gilbert, the esteemed vaccinologist who co-developed the AstraZeneca vaccine in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, for donating $10,000 to WISE as her chosen cause. What a wonderful Christmas present for us!

Sarah is a fantastic role model to girls and young women with an interest in STEM and we hope to use the money to help promote our outreach programme, My Skills My Life, a scheme that provides young people with insight into the range of STEM careers available.

Sarah said: “WISE is my cause of choice because I think it is so important for girls and young women to be able to pursue a career that they find genuinely fulfilling. I had opportunities that meant I was able to follow my passions and I would like to help make the same true for young people currently considering a career in STEM.”

This follows an earlier pledge from Mattell on Sarah’s instruction to donate the profits of a Barbie Role Model made in her likeness to WISE.

The doll was one of six created in the summer 2021 to celebrate women in STEM during the pandemic. To read more about the collaboration click here.