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WISE 40th Birthday Celebration: 

Moving the Dial in STEM for 40 Years

In 1984, the journey began. The Engineering Council collaborated with the Equal Opportunities Commission to launch the Women into Science and Engineering (WISE). Spearheaded by Baroness Beryl Platt, a qualified mechanical engineer and Chair of the Equal Opportunities Commission at the time, the campaign aimed to address the stark gender disparities in engineering. 

At that time, women comprised only 7% of graduate engineers and 3% of professional engineers in the UK. Fast forward 40 years, and there are 22% of graduates in engineering and tech with 10.9% of professional engineers. WISE has evolved to champion gender parity across all STEM sectors, helping a huge number of individuals, organisations, and businesses, with a wide range of campaigns to raise the profile of women and girls in STEM. 

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WISE’s Mission to Achieve Gender Parity

WISE’s larger mission is to achieve gender parity in the workplace, specifically in STEM fields. Steps towards this goal can be big or small, but they all matter in contributing to change, and we wish to celebrate them all. 

What is gender parity? It’s more than a statistic; it’s a measure of balance. WISE, born out of the Finniston Report, originally a one-year campaign has spent four decades pushing boundaries and bridging gaps in science and engineering. Today, it stands as a beacon for gender parity, striving to create a world where everyone has an equal chance to excel in STEM.

National Women in Science and Engineering Day Launch – 17 January 2024

[UK, 17 January 2024] — Celebrating 40 years of empowerment, WISE proudly introduces the National Women in Science and Engineering Day. This annual event, launching on 17 January 2024, is dedicated to honouring the achievements of women and allies in STEM. A groundbreaking initiative, it spotlights the contributions of women and champions diversity within STEM disciplines.

Acknowledge, Celebrate, Inspire

This day is a celebration and a call to action.  It acknowledges the steps to inclusion and diversity, big or small, made by organisations and businesses in STEM. WISE Day serves to celebrate women in traditionally male-dominated fields, inspiring future generations to pursue STEM careers.

#MoveTheDial – Working Together Towards Inclusion

As part of the celebration, WISE is launching a social media campaign using #MoveTheDial. This initiative encourages the community to share stories, achievements, and messages of support for gender parity in STEM. It is a campaign designed to amplify voices and foster a sense of community and empowerment.

Get Involved

Join the celebration by sharing your progress and success stories toward inclusion and diversity, specifically in achieving gender balance. 

We are offering your business the opportunity to showcase what you’re doing to move the dial towards gender parity. Tag us in your social media posts and use the hashtags #WISEDay2024 and #MoveTheDial on the 17 January and we will share your stories on our social media.

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