The Ten Steps is WISE’s holistic framework for attracting, retaining and developing women in STEM.

The workshop involves undertaking a Ten Steps diagnostic prior to the workshop to assess your organisation’s maturity against the framework; the workshop itself then includes a review of the diagnostic results and action planning focused on key areas of improvement. 

The workshop includes:

      • Introduction to the Ten Steps framework

      • Review of scores and analysis 

      • Key discussion areas and action planning 

      • Conclusion and next steps 

    The key areas of discussion are informed by both the diagnostic scores and the organisation’s wider EDI priorities and WISE will work with the organisation to establish what these are. 

    The discussions allow WISE to better understand the context in which the organisation operates and how the various steps look in that particular organisation, which in turn allows for much more appropriate and achievable recommended actions for improving scores moving forward. 

    After the workshop, organisations are provided with a full report capturing the diagnostic results and analysis, all the discussion had in the workshop and recommended actions sorted into short-, medium- and long-term action planning.  

    Finally, a follow-up meeting is organised for 3 months’ time to assess progress against recommended actions and any further support WISE can offer. 

    Important Information:

    • Accessible to: Active Members Only 
    • Price: £4,995 (Ex VAT)
    • Participants: Up to 20 
    • Lead time: 10-12 weeks
    • Duration: 3-4 hours 
    • Delivery method: Online & in-person (extra charge)  

    More About the WISE Ten Steps Framework 

    The Ten Steps is WISE’s industry-led framework for gender equity in STEM. It supports a holistic approach to attracting, progressing and retaining female employees in STEM organisations (or any organisation with STEM roles).   

    Business case for gender diversity

    The business case for gender diversity (and indeed broader EDI) is extremely strong, leading to a wider talent pool, greater innovation, better customer service and ultimately improvements to the bottom line.  

    The framework itself is beneficial to wider EDI. Steps such as Enable Flexible Working benefit carers, parents and people with disabilities as well as women.

    Other steps such as Sponsor Women Proactively (and the activity that sits underneath it) can easily be tailored to any other protected characteristic or underrepresented group.  

    The Ten Steps Diagnostic 

    Prior to a Ten Steps workshop, organisations will complete a diagnostic – essentially a survey consisting of 50 questions (five for each of the Ten Steps).

    Each question can be answered Yes, Partially/Somewhat, No or Don’t Know.

    Scores are totalled to give question scores out of two, step scores out of 10 and an overall diagnostic score out of 100. 

    The diagnostic can be completed by an individual on behalf of the organisation (e.g. Head of EDI) or can be shared widely with employees to anonymously collect responses.

    Demographic questions can also be added to allow comparison of scores by gender, seniority, business function or any other comparator.  



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