The WISE Covid Unsung Heroes: New Educator Award Finalists

Winner: Anna Young a lecturer in mechanical engineering at the University of Bath  

Anna’s commitment to students, faculty, university and local community throughout the pandemic impressed all the judges. She supported not only the students under her charge, but the colleagues around her in new and ingenious ways. She is a wonderful example of how one person can make a seismic difference to their workplace. Anna’s commitment to the continuation of her course and support for ongoing learning at her university during the pandemic is a fantastic example of leading by example.  

Runner up: Zoe Wellbelove a junior doctor Whittington Health NHS Trust

Zoe’s development of a virtual simulation training programme is an ingenious way of working toward a reduction in the skills gap for final-year medical students. It was critical that they received their training during the 2020 /2021 period to support the ongoing pandemic recovery. That she delivered this on top of her work as a doctor in infectious diseases was incredible, and we expect this work will to save many more lives in the future.