HR Wallingford Ltd

Who are HR Wallingford Ltd?

HR Wallingford is a world-leading research and consultancy organisation. From flooding to shipping, offshore energy to climate change, we advise clients worldwide how to manage their interactions with the water environment.

Created as the Hydraulics Research Station of the UK Government in 1947, we became a private entity in 1982, and have since operated as an independent, non profit distributing organisation committed to building knowledge and solving problems, expertly and appropriately. Today, HR Wallingford has a 60 year track record of achievement in applied research and specialist consultancy. We have a unique mix of know-how, assets and facilities including state of the art physical modelling laboratories, a full range of computational modelling tools and, above all expert staff with world-renowned skills and experience.

HR Wallingford has a pedigree of excellence and a tradition of innovation, which we sustain by re-investing profits from our operations into programmes of strategic research and development, designed to keep us, and our clients and partners, at the leading edge. With headquarters in the UK, HR Wallingford reaches clients and partners globally through a network of offices, agents and alliances around the world.

What projects / schemes / initiatives to support women’s recruitment, retention and progression in STEM are HR Wallingford Ltd involved in?

HR Wallingford recognises the benefits of having a diverse workforce. We have a strong track record of attracting female applicants and 38% of our engineers and scientists are female. We are strong supporters of flexible working such as part time or home working initiatives. We are keen to support Women’s Leadership programmes and are committed to increasing the number of women in our senior roles across the business.

As part of our commitment to inspire the next generation, we run a external engagement programme where our engineers and scientists get involved in talking to budding engineers and scientists about what they do, both in schools and during visits to offices and world-class modelling and simulation facilities.

Why did HR Wallingford Ltd join WISE?

“HR Wallingford is committed to helping all employees achieve their career goals. We have joined WISE to provide additional support our female colleagues, and to help nurture the growth and development of women at all levels of our organisation.”
– Bruce Tomlinson, Chief Executive

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