WISE’s Introduction to Diversity & Inclusion Training is designed to be the perfect starting point for employees and organisations embarking on their EDI journey.

The session is focused on introducing participants to key concepts and terms within EDI, presenting the strong business case for diversity and helping participants start to think about being inclusive themselves 

As a starting point training, the session is perfect for employees without any previous exposure to EDI; the session will help grow their understanding, secure buy-in and provide a platform on which their understanding can be further developed. 

The training provides evidence-based research and insights, tips, and guidance. Facilitated discussions and activities are used to consolidate learning and our expert trainers have a wealth of experience in facilitating open discussions and providing a safe space for further exploration of the topics in question. 

Session Structure 

  • An introduction to Diversity and Inclusion in the UK 

  • This introductory section sets the scene for EDI within the UK before looking at the concepts of Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Justice in more detail to establish a solid understanding 

  • The impact of a lack of Diversity 

  • An interactive quiz is used to get participants thinking about privilege ready for a deeper dive into the topic, followed by another activity looking at the barriers faced by various underrepresented groups 

  • The governance and policy surrounding Diversity & Inclusion 

  • This section introduces participants to the Equality Act and gender pay gap 

  • Why Diversity makes business sense 

  • The strong business case for Diversity in the workplace is presented, supported by empirical evidence and studies that demonstrate why EDI makes business sense 

  • Becoming inclusive 

  • The session finishes with a section that encourages participants to start thinking about their own unconscious bias, as well as an introduction to the concept of allyship and how it can look in an organisation.

Important Information:

  • Accessible to: Members & Non-members
  • Active Members Price: £1,195 (Ex VAT)
  • Online & non-members Price: £1,495 (Ex VAT)
  • Participants: Up to 20 
  • Lead time: Minimum 1-week 
  • Duration: 2-3 hours 
  • Delivery method: Online & in-person (extra charge)  

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