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Who are Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE)? 

Established in 1818, ICE is one of the world’s leading civil engineering institutions. We have over 85,000 members, of these almost a quarter are outside of the UK. 

We support civil engineers and civil engineering technicians by: 

  • awarding internationally recognised professional qualifications; 
  • ensuring they work to high standards; 
  • assisting with the development of their knowledge; 
  • helping them develop their careers. 

We help the industry learn and share our knowledge, so we can maintain the natural and built environment. We also promote the essential contribution that civil engineers make to society worldwide. 

We are recognised as an authoritative and independent voice because of our collective knowledge and emphasis on lifelong learning and education. We are respected for our advice because of the commitment members make to self-improvement to provide ethical solutions to societal problems at all levels and scales. Our work also includes many other activities from inspiring school students about civil engineering to influencing government investment in infrastructure. We work with the government of the day to help it achieve its objectives relating to civil engineering and infrastructure. We also provide independent professional advice to government departments and political parties. We work with all parts of the profession to ensure that civil engineering remains a major contributor to economic growth and quality of life across the world. 

We are a leading source of professional expertise in transport, water supply and treatment, flood management, waste and energy. 

What projects / schemes / initiatives to support women’s recruitment, retention and progression in STEM are Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) involved in? 

We’re working to show that civil engineering is a career for everyone. 

  • We’ve signed up to the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Equality and Diversity Concordat; 
  • We have signed up to the WISE 10 point plan; 
  • We actively encourage our members to become STEM ambassadors and go into schools to promote civil engineering to all school children; 
  • We participate in events aimed at changing perceptions of school children; 
  • We promote a dedicated award for the most high-calibre newly chartered female engineer; 
  • We have a “Civils Comeback” programme – designed to assist those who left the industry back in to it. It is especially beneficial for women who took a career break; 
  • We are actively involved with the Women’s Engineering Society (WES); 
  • We actively promote and are involved in the National Women in Engineering Day; 
  • We are involved in the “Your Life” programme 

Why did Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) join WISE? 

“The demands of a future globally-networked society, requires us to harness the skills and energies of the whole workforce – we must begin to instil a sense of limitless opportunity in our young people. WISE is one way in which we are hoping to highlight and address the need for diversity in the industry.” 
– Seán Harris, Director Membership 

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