Q&A with Covid Unsung Heroes Award winner Anna Young

The winner of the COVID Unsung Hero New Educator Award, Anna Young, University of Bath, discusses her award-winning work with Jenny Lewis, PA Consulting, who supported this award.

Anna stood out to the entire judging panel for a number of key reasons.

Anna’s commitment to students, faculty, university and local community throughout the pandemic impressed all the judges. She supported not only the students under her charge, but the colleagues around her in new and ingenious ways. She is a wonderful example of how one person can make a seismic difference to their workplace. Anna’s commitment to the continuation of her course and support for ongoing learning at her university during the pandemic is a fantastic example of leading by example.

This insightful interview hopes to inspire women and girls of all ages looking to pursue a role in STEM and those in organisations that would like to support and inspire future generations

Thank you to our interviewer Jenny Lewis who also judged and was in attendance at our COVID Unsung Heroes Awards at Windsor Castle in February 2022.