Intro To Diversity and Inclusion What is privilege? Answer 6.1.1: How much do you know about privilege?

The answer to question 1) ‘True or false: privilege can be described as an advantage or immunity from certain prejudices’ is ‘true.

As already explained many of us have advantages or immunities that we are unaware of until they are pointed out to us. Pointing this out should be done carefully since someone with privilege may well have had difficult personal experiences that have impacted their working life or social standing. Any discussion of privilege should be nuanced and recognise this.

The answer to question 2) ‘which of the following statements is NOT an example of privilege?’ is clearly ‘being disabled and struggling to find a full-time job‘.

As the answers to the second question demonstrate, there are many examples of privilege and most of us have one or two. It is worth noting however that the more of these examples that apply to you, the greater your privilege.