Intro To Diversity and Inclusion The business case for diversity Answer 4.1.1: What are the business benefits of diversity?

The answer to question 1) ‘True or False, does gender diversity in the workplace improves a company’s financial performance?’ is ‘True’. Prioritising diversity will certainly improve a company’s financial performance.

The answer to question 2): ‘Which of the following would you not expect to see as a result of a diverse workforce?’  is ‘an increase in staff leaving your workforce‘. In fact a diverse workforce will actually lead to increased loyalty and motivation.

So far, we have focused on the benefits of creating a diverse and inclusive (D&I) workforce; there are also downsides to not doing this. Your business is likely to experience the following problems if you do not prioritise D&I:

• You will fail to attract and retain top young workers.

•You may alienate customers and cause controversy.

•You are less likely to bring innovative solutions to the market.

•Homogenous teams are less resilient, sustainable and able to mitigate risk.