Inclusive Recruitment Unconscious bias in recruitment Answer 3a1.1 Celebrating difference can help stop unconscious bias

There is one correct answer to the question ‘which of the following Which of the following situations is NOT caused by unconscious bias in the recruitment process?’ Sadly, this is employers choosing the best person for the job.’

Celebrating difference is essential to overcoming unconscious bias. Encouraging all members of the workforce to be advocates for diversity and inclusion will ultimately create a situation called ‘conscious inclusion’.

The following video helps to show how a toxic culture will change once people are included and made to feel as though they belong:

We would encourage employers to recognise that a person’s characteristics and past have resulted in an individual who is complex and rich. We would also encourage them to realise that this will lead to differences in behaviour and that these differences are to be celebrated. Employers that take this approach will create conscious inclusion in the workplace.

The best practice discussed in the next few sections of the course will help you to remove unconscious bias and be consciously inclusive in recruitment and the workplace generally.