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​WISE provides consultancy advice and support to clients in the STEM sector, helping employers attract, retain, develop and progress women in their organisations.

The WISE consultancy offering enables us to engage with members and client organisations to work at a deeper level on initiatives that are practical and action orientated to help deliver more gender diverse organisations.

To discuss the specific consultancy advice and support that WISE can provide to your organisation please contact Suzy Firkin s.firkin@wisecampaign.org.uk to find out more.

Building on our Ten Steps programme we provide advice, tools and support which align with each of the steps identified in partnership with employers, as crucial to improving diversity.

Our key offerings include

Understanding the starting point

  • The Ten Steps Diagnostic - a simple self report tool to provide a performance baseline
  • Culture Analysis Tool – an in depth workplace culture survey and analysis
  • Barriers to women surveys and workshops – a focused issue based assessment.

It is fundamental to the success of any business improvement project that you must be able to measure progress in order to manage it and creating a more diverse organisation is no different . WISE has a range of tools which can help to identify your starting point and articulate your progress towards your diversity objectives.

Changing Mindsets

Unconscious Bias in the workplace is one of the key areas that organisations must address to create a culture that encourages diversity and reaps the benefits from it. WISE can design and deliver programmes which build awareness at senior levels and cascade appropriate training and other activities throughout the organisation

Sponsor Female Talent

  • Implementation & Evaluation of Mentoring Programmes

Mentoring programmes are one of the support mechanisms that women regularly mention as beneficial in their careers. However, what really works for women and the organisations they work for? How can you get most benefit from mentoring for your female employees? WISE provides targeted advice to companies establishing new programmes or those who wish to evaluate and refresh existing programmes.

  • Inter- company Mentoring Pilot

Many companies have their own successful internal mentoring programmes but would like to add new dimensions and a more outward looking perspective to their mentees experiences. With this in mind WISE is inviting member companies to be part of our corporate mentoring matching scheme.

We will match and partner you with another WISE member company in a suitable location with whom you can exchange mentors for your selected mentees. WISE will make the necessary introductions and provide a half day introductory session to brief all participants and provide basic training to all involved. Thus ensuring that all expectations are aligned and providing a sound foundation for a successful programme.

Be Creative in Job Design

  • Review and development of recruitment activities.

Our “Not for people like me?” research has provided greater insight into the language we use in attracting and recruiting female employees. WISE uses this research to provide advice and recommendations for a fresh approach.

Demonstrate to women you wish to develop and retain them

Providing women with a safe space and quality time to focus on their career development needs has been extremely powerful in boosting the confidence and success of women in their careers. The popular WISE open courses are also available to be run as in-house training programmes both for women looking to move to the next level in their careers and those who are just returning to work after a career break.

In addition WISE provides bespoke consultancy, facilitation and event management to enable organisations to design and implement diversity and inclusion events and programmes that have real impact. 

Testimonial: WISE Diversity Working Group for Babcock International

"Thank you very much for your support at the workshop on 21st. I was delighted that you were able to bring your wealth of experience of the issues at hand and your skill in ensuring the workshop kept flowing and that everyone participated. I am confident we got maximum benefit out of the session thanks to your involvement; and you helped us achieve our key aim of the day in identifying who, what, when, where, why and how!"

Steve O'Mara, Waterfront Development Manager, Babcock International

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