A Level Results 2023

Key Headlines Overview of Core-STEM A-Levels Despite a record number of core-STEM A-Levels achieved this year and a 2.5% increase in the number of female core-STEM entries, the proportion of […]

Analysis of 2022 GCSE Core STEM Entrants

This year was notable since it was the year that GCSE students sat exams under normal conditions following the pandemic. As such we will compare their results with the 2019 […]

Analysis of 2022 A-Level Results

2022 A-Level students were the first since before the COVID-19 pandemic to sit their exams in a hall. This has probably contributed the drop in the number of girls achieving […]

Analysis Of 2021 GCSE Core STEM Entrants


Record STEM GCSE grades for girls although numbers opting for non-core STEM subjects fell considerably.  Girls achieved record top grades in STEM GCSEs with 55% of girls achieving A*-A *(grades […]

Analysis Of 2021 A-Level Core STEM Entrants


Gap between girls and boys awarded A* in Core-STEM subjects widens  Girls continued to outperform in Core STEM A-levels this year with 52.2% awarded A or A* across all subjects […]

Women In STEM Apprenticeships 2018/19 


The percentage of core STEM apprenticeships started by females has, once again, increased, so that in the 2018-9 academic year one in ten core-STEM apprenticeships were started by females. The […]