Corndel, in partnership with WISE, recently hosted an engaging and insightful webinar, exploring how apprenticeships can be used to empower and uplift aspiring and current female professionals in STEM.

Speakers Jack Painter (WISE), Sara Bresler (Corndel), Sandy Lacey-Aberdein (Zoopla), Beth Clarke (Rosen Group), and Dean Giles (Bourne Leisure) discussed the incredible impact that apprenticeships can have to drive positive change and support the career progression of women in the fields where they are underrepresented. For example, apprenticeships can offer flexibility which can help make STEM careers accessible to those who need the flexibility such working mothers, returners, or those wishing to switch careers.

Apprenticeships may seem overwhelming and unmanageable, due to the seemingly huge workload, plus having to manage being a woman in STEM. However, it is important to show women that there are alternative routes into STEM and that they will be as equally supported as those who take more traditional routes, such as a university degree.

The speakers also discussed the important ways in which mentorship, role models and male allyship can majorly improve retention and wellbeing for women working in STEM.

Watch the full webinar here: Optimising the Apprenticeship Levy to Support Attraction and Retention of Women in STEM – Corndel

Apprenticeship Careers for Women In STEM