This session is for organisations and employees taking the next step on their inclusivity journey, moving from an awareness and appreciation of EDI to taking an active role in developing an inclusive culture and workplace environment.

This workshop will educate everyone from new entrants to business leaders on what it means to be an ally in the workplace, and how they can set themselves on a path to becoming one. The content can be adapted according to the audience, whilst retaining its high level of engagement and impact.

Via an engaging mix of audience interaction, upskilling on key frameworks and opportunities to put learning into practice, this session will provide delegates with the means of developing their own allyship, as well as recognising and raising sources of inequality in the environment they work in.

Our expert trainers facilitate open and interesting discussions in s safe and compassionate space, allowing delegates to explore their own experiences and opinions whilst guiding them through the concepts associated with consciously inclusive allyship.


Session Structure:

      • Understand the elements of the allyship definition


            • The workshop starts with an unpacking of the definition of allyship, looking at some of the key concepts behind it in more detail with activities to consolidate learning

        • Unconscious Bias recap


              • Whilst delegates on this training may have an understanding of unconscious bias, it’s a crucial aspect of allyship so a brief recap to refresh understanding is done here

          • Explore historical and contemporary examples of allyship


                • Allyship has been a part of every social justice movement in history and continues to be essential today; the examples explored here demonstrate this

            • Become familiar with the ABC model of allyship


                  • The ABC model of allyship provides structure to growth and development of allyship, so we explore it in detail here with workplace examples

              • Put our learning into practice


                    • The workshops finishes with some scenario-based activities, where delegates can put take what they’ve learnt in the session and apply it to hypothetical workplace situations


              Important Information:

              • Accessible to: Members & Non-members
              • Active Members Price: £1,195 (Ex VAT)
              • Online & non-members Price: £1,495 (Ex VAT)
              • Participants: Up to 20 
              • Lead time: Minimum 1-week 
              • Duration: 2-3 hours 
              • Delivery method: Online & in-person (extra charge)


              "We were lucky enough to pilot the new Allyship Training from WISE at Spirax-Sarco Engineering plc. It was both a great conversation opener and a source of practical inspiration. "

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