WYPB 2021 Competition – Light up the city

Designed for young people with a passion for STEM – Why not take part? Great prizes to be won!

Closing date: Sunday 31st October 2021

Age range: 7 – 14 years old 

The WYPB Competition 2021 has officially launched! This year the competition is centred around 6 STEM puzzles helping to relight a city after black out. The puzzles will include descriptions of various STEM roles and provide an insight into how that role operated in real life situations.

To apply download the puzzle pack from here and send completed puzzles to the following email address – wypb@wisecampaign.org.uk 

Please include the following information in your completed puzzle pack email:

  • Full Name,
  • Age,
  • Contact Email address.

The following Prizes are up for grabs: 

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