WISE Volunteering FAQs

Want to get involved? To help you find the right volunteering opportunity, we’ve answered our most frequently asked questions from our would-be volunteers here.

I want to be a WISE volunteer – what happens next?
Find the opportunity which is right for you and send your CV to info@wisecampaign.org.uk.
Someone from WISE will then be in touch to discuss what happens next. This will usually be an informal chat but could be a more formal recruitment process such as an interview.

How much time do I need to give?
There is no minimum time you must give but some roles will benefit from regular involvement. For example, 4 hours a week. You can decide with the WISE Volunteer Coordinator what arrangement works for you while also meeting the needs of the role you apply for.

Once I start volunteering with you how I will be kept in touch with what’s going on?

  • Via email and one-to-one chats with the WISE Volunteer Coordinator.
  • A monthly WISE newsletter is produced which you can register for to find out more about what is happening throughout the organisation.

Will I be paid?
As a volunteer you will not be paid. We will ensure you don’t lose out financially through volunteering and will cover agreed out-of-pocket expenses.

Do I have to work for a WISE member organisation?
No – you do not have to be a WISE member organisation employee to volunteer at WISE.

What age do I have to be to volunteer?
There is no minimum or maximum age as long as you can make a useful and safe contribution but if you are under 18, your parent or guardian must give permission for you to volunteer. You must be supervised by a parent or guardian during any meetings that you have with WISE.
The exceptions are:
Overseas volunteers must be 18 or over and have a good command of spoken English.

I am receiving benefits – am I allowed to volunteer?
Yes but we suggest that you tell your Job Centre about your volunteering. Click here to visit the Directgov website for full details.

Will I be trained?
Yes, but what this training looks like will be different for different roles. You will receive a thorough induction to your role so that you are confident in what we are asking you to do.

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