Tara & Dani Binns Books

WISE have been working alongside Harper Collins Big Cat as they have produced a number of exciting books for Key Stage One & Two pupils.

Join sisters Tara and Dani Binns on their exciting, fast-paced adventures as they explore different STEM careers. These books broaden horizons and promote the value of gender parity in the working world. Each book is supported by a lesson plan written by a literary expert, and case studies from real STEM professionals provided by WISE.

Thank you to all the role models and WISE member organisations who have helped so far!

Interested in reading the next series of manuscripts and becoming one of our expert reviewers?

We are not currently looking for any new reviews at the moment, but watch this space in the future!

We’d refer to you as our expert reviewer in the book (so your name would be in it!) and when published, we will send you a FREE copy!

If it’s something you’d be interested in or would like further information on, please email info@wisecampaign.org.uk.

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