WISE Members show improved gender-balance shortlists at annual Measuring Progress Event

WISE members grow scores around gender-balanced shortlists and mentoring opportunities for women despite difficult economic backdrop.

At the 2021 WISE Measuring Progress Event, held last month, WISE members showed improved performance on key metrics including performance targets for leaders, mentoring, and gender-balanced shortlists.

These are some of the areas that members traditionally find most difficult to make progress on. To do so during a year of reduced budgets and stretched resources following the COVID-19 pandemic was particularly impressive.

The Measuring Progress Event provides an annual opportunity for WISE members who have committed to the Ten Steps change management programme to compare their ED&I progress with peers, as well as share best practice, and discuss key issues faced by STEM organisations.

Of the members that submitted progress scores to be measured against the WISE Ten Steps this year, 18% were new to the process and 82% had previously submitted data. The average score for participating members in October 2021 was 67.36 out of 100, a slight drop from an average score of 69 in 2020, reflecting the challenges posed by the COVID pandemic.

The WISE Ten Steps provide member companies with ten key elements proven to help STEM organisations recruit, retain and progress talented women, thereby leading to a more diverse workforce. This diversity leads to significant business benefits including improved creativity, innovation and resilience. The Ten Steps framework supports and benefits all protected characteristics.

The Ten Steps diagnostic, which measures the progress of members, forms the basis against which they benchmark themselves each year. The diagnostic consists of 50 questions, deep diving into different diversity and inclusion initiatives and processes that can be used to improve cultural change and ultimately drive gender balance in the STEM workforce. Members score themselves against the diagnostic, this provides a benchmark against which they can measure their annual progress. The results for all participating members are then shared to give an average score for all signatories.

WISE CEO Kay Hussain introduced the event with a focus on ways in which member companies can develop hybrid working practices that will improve EDI and gender balance going forwards: “Despite all the challenges and complexities that accompany workplace changes, continuing to make ED&I a priority now and moving forward will be a game-changer for employers, and one that will deliver huge rewards in the long term.”

Engineering consultancy CGL has been committed to the WISE Ten Steps since the programme’s inception in 2016 and the organisation has improved on many aspects of its EDI performance since then. During a presentation at the event, CGL’s Technical director Jo Strange said: “We believe that gender balance and our work with WISE and the Ten Steps makes CGL a more attractive place to work for everyone.”

WISE is an organisation committed to creating gender equity within the STEM workforce. For a full analysis on the Measuring Progress event click here.

For further information on the WISE Ten Steps and how becoming a signatory will help improve diversity in your business please contact d.kelly@wisecampaign.org.uk.

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