2017 WISE Technology & Engineering in Health Award Winner

DR. Bhavagaya Bakshi

NHS GP, Co-Founder at C The Signs

Despite there being huge cultural shifts to enable more women to apply to medical school, there are huge attrition rates and challenges for women in medicine. It can take twice as long for a woman to complete her training, with little flexibility if she chooses to have a family. The gender pay gap is widening and the representation of women in senior leadership or board positions needs to be improved.

I am passionate about giving back and about using my experience, my challenges, and my learnings to help support mentor and guide the future generation to challenge the status quo, put themselves forward, and to feel that they could venture into any industry and succeed.

I have a strong desire to inspire and motivate women in medicine to be entrepreneurs and innovators, to feel confident to take an idea forward and to succeed in enacting change, growing a company. Or alternatively being an intrapreneur, leading change within their departments, innovating locally and taking on leadership positions in their organisations.

There are several key principles that I have learned over the last 10 years that I would share and educate women, in particular, building resilience as a core skill, having a peer network to support and learn from, to continue to always challenge the status quo and not be scared to say no. To put yourself forwards, and to not be scared of failure but embrace it, as a key step towards later success.

Beyond medical school, I have been discussing with the medical women’s federation to talk about engaging more women in entrepreneurship and technology. During my time on the kings20 accelerator program I have supported other younger students, women and to support them in entrepreneurship and have many younger female students who I mentor. I want to engage with organisations to bridge the gap between industry and academy for women, to help educate them and raise awareness of career choices, as well helping to support them with building key life skills, resilience, building confidence and empowering them to know they can do and achieve anything.

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