Understand the starting point so you can monitor progress case study

Top Tips from Travelport

  • Right from the start, get the
    senior leadership team to
    believe in the importance
    and relevance of a more
    diverse workforce at all
    levels, so that diversity and
    inclusion planning is
    integrated into commercial
  • Listen to your staff. They will
    help you decide which issues
    need addressing.
  • Decide exactly what you
    want to do and don’t overcommit.
    Set clear priorities
    for the first year.
  • Measure performance –
    and analyse the data to see
    what impact your strategy is
  • Share stories and celebrate

“I felt inspired and encouraged by the recent Ten Steps event because there were some organisations that scored where we were a year ago and in a year they had jumped halfway up the league table. It made it very clear to me that through a few targeted steps we could really make a significant impact.”

Rachel Humphrey, Group Vice-President, Human Resources.

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