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Top Tips from Sky

  • Consider realistically what your organisation is capable of, ensure you have the resources necessary and be prepared to stay committed – programmes such as Get into Tech require a lot of effort to design and deliver.
  • Be very clear about the problem you are trying to solve and tailor initiatives specifically to the needs of women.
  • Demonstrate that activities have the backing of your organisation’s leaders.
  • Measures outcomes to ensure your approach is working.

“Bringing women into software development can introduce an extra dynamic. Women often bring a more detailed approach and that can make for better teams.”

Conrad Langworthy, Head of Sky’s Software Engineering Academy.


“The Get into Tech course was brilliant. It made me realise I really wanted to get into software development, and without it, I would never have had the skills. Of the 16 women on my course, nine applied for jobs at Sky and seven of us were appointed.”

Victoria Marshall, Associate Software Developer.

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