Black & Veatch

Top Tips from Black & Veatch

  • Encourage managers to
    be open-minded about
    requests for flexible
    working and challenge
    them over claims that ‘it
    won’t work’.
  • Promote your policies
    internally so that all
    staff understand what’s
  • Consider introducing the
    flexible option when you
    advertise for new recruits.
  • Allow managers and
    supervisors to make
    decisions at local level.
    Trust them to decide on
    the best arrangements in
    their area.

“We have established a culture where we trust our professionals and it’s
this that allows us to offer people a level of informal flexibility. This can
make for a better life-work balance and often means we get a greater commitment from individuals.”

Alison Wynne-Jones, Human Resources Manager, Europe, Black & Veatch

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