Diversity & Inclusion Training

“Inclusion is not a matter of political correctness. It is the key to growth.”
Jesse Jackson, Activist

Introduction to Diversity and Inclusion

The WISE Introduction to Diversity and Inclusion course provides an overview of diversity, inclusion, equity and equality.

Find out what diversity means and why it’s important in the modern workforce.

Topics covered

  • Understanding the importance of diversity, inclusion, equity & equality in the workplace
  • The business case for diversity and inclusion – including statistics and data evidencing this
  • An overview of unconscious bias – what it is, how to recognise it and practical suggestions on how to manage bias
  • Implementing diversity and inclusion within your organisation – including top tips and case studies from leading organisations

The correlation between improved diversity and stronger business results is striking. There is a wealth of evidence that demonstrates that a diverse workforce makes companies more adaptable, more productive, and more responsive to what their customers are telling them. It’s clear that to get ahead in STEM, companies should be changing their demographics – and that failing to do so will mean being left behind.


  • 100% of attendees would recommend this course to others to gain a basic understanding of diversity, equity & inclusion.
  • 100% of attendees found the course interesting and engaging.
  • 100% of attendees now have a better understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion.


The course is broken down into 4 sections and is delivered over a 4 hour period. Training can be delivered face-to-face (when appropriate) or online. It is interactive and asks participants to share experiences, talk through scenarios and contribute to discussions. In a 4 hour (half-day online workshop) we recommend a maximum of 10-12 people to allow for this interaction to take place.

Tailored to your organisation

The Introduction to Diversity and Inclusion workshop can be tailored to suit a variety of audiences from open awareness courses through to bespoke corporate offerings. WISE has significant experience in helping companies to effect cultural change and understands the specific challenges in the Engineering and STEM sector. This course provides practical advice on how to improve and incorporate diversity and inclusion with a specific focus on the STEM sector. Where possible, we will present statistics so we can reflect the course attendees and sector.

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Introduction to Diversity and Inclusion

The WISE Ten Steps has received the seal of approval from small and large companies up and down the UK. But don’t just take our word for it. Find out how it’s helped others below.

Refreshing, engaging opportunity to learn how to make an impact to improve diversity and inclusion in our organisation

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