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Who are Western Power Distribution? 

Western Power Distribution is responsible for the distribution of electricity for the Midlands, South West and South Wales. Serving 7.8 million customers, our main priorities are ‘keeping the lights on’ while maintaining 100% customer satisfaction. 

Managing a service area covering 55,000 square kilometres of urban and rural terrain requires a dedicated workforce of more than 6,500 people in a variety of frontline and support roles. 

Our diverse workforce includes electrical and telecoms engineers, professional, clerical and administrative staff, all contributing to the success of the business. 

In addition, WPD has an in-house Transport team employing highly skilled mechanics responsible for maintaining the fleet of operational vehicles. 

The energy industry is changing, driven by advances in technology as well as the way we generate, distribute and consume electricity. Our energy networks have become smarter and greener with customers already benefitting from an increasingly efficient flexible energy system. 

Innovation trials on the network will continue to play a crucial part of future developments in the industry and implemented as ‘business as usual’ across the WPD network. 

As well as managing customers’ needs today, we must ensure our network and people are equipped to fulfil the demands of the future. 

What projects / schemes / initiatives to support women’s recruitment, retention and progression in STEM are Western Power Distribution involved in? 

Western Power Distribution is committed to an inclusive working environment which provides equal opportunity and freedom from unfair and discriminatory employment practices. Put simply, we accept and respect individual differences such as age, ethnicity or gender and want to overcome the perception that engineering is a man’s world! 

At WPD, individuals are selected, promoted and treated according to their merits and the requirements of the job with equal opportunity for training and development. 

We believe it is important that our business profile reflects the communities we serve and with 85% of our current employees being male, we would like to increase the number of female engineers and technical staff we recruit to the business at apprentice, graduate and undergraduate level so that we can continue to provide excellent customer service and network performance to all our customers. 

We will continue to look for external opportunities to raise the profile of women in engineering and the exciting roles available in the electricity industry, by showcasing our existing female engineers and sharing their personal experiences in our own recruitment campaigns and continue to support national campaigns like ‘International Women’s Day’. 

We will explore the principles of the Ten Steps campaign and identify areas where we can take positive steps in our recruitment campaigns at all levels across the business with the intention of being seen as an employer of choice for women and men. 

Why did Western Power Distribution join WISE? 

“WPD understands the importance of attracting a diverse workforce with the technical skills and knowledge to help us meet the future demands of the energy industry. Becoming a member of WISE will provide a platform from which we can increase the number of female engineers we attract and retain in the business.” 

– Beverley Dwyer, Head of Employee Relations, Western Power Distribution 

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