27th January, 2021

Webinar: Introduction to Diversity & Inclusion Overview

Hosted by WISE, January 2021 Find out all about what WISE’s new … Read More

8th December, 2020

Webinar: Culture of Flexible Working

Hosted by WISE, December 2020 The Covid-19 pandemic has forced the majority … Read More

1st December, 2020

Webinar: Northern Ireland WISE Ten Steps Taster

Hosted by WISE, November 2020 Find out how your organisation, no matter … Read More

20th October, 2020

Webinar: Intersectionality in Gender Balance

Hosted by WISE, October 2020 Women in STEM have different experiences and … Read More

13th October, 2020

Webinar: Stereotypes and Microaggressions

Hosted by WISE, October 2020 This short webinar covers the topic of … Read More

22nd September, 2020

Webinar: Introduction to the WISE Ten Steps Workshop

Hosted by WISE, September 2020 WISE’s Ten Steps programme is a cultural … Read More

18th August, 2020

Webinar: ‘An Introduction to Diversity and Inclusion’ Training Overview

Find out all about what WISE’s new 4-hour interactive ‘Introduction to Diversity … Read More

23rd July, 2020

NEW WISE Webinar Series!

NEW WISE Webinar Series! Join our exciting and informative series of webinars … Read More

17th June, 2020

WISE Connect: Coming back stronger

Flexible working, mental health and mentoring are among the topics discussed by … Read More

3rd June, 2020

Webinar: Addressing the Cybersecurity Gender Skills Gap in the UK

This WISE webinar brings together leading professionals to discuss the options available … Read More

12th May, 2020

Webinar: An Introduction to Cultural Change with the WISE Ten Steps

This WISE webinar introduces the WISE Ten Steps. It will explain how … Read More

6th May, 2020

Webinar: Independent research in schools, can it impact STEM interest among students?

Susan Harris, WISE Technician Award Winner 2019, is Lead Science Technician at … Read More

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