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Helping members improve gender balance in their business


Women make up only 24% of core-STEM roles within the UK and represent the largest under-used talent pool across STEM industries. WISE’s change-proven Ten Steps have helped over 180 businesses across the UK improve gender balance in their STEM fields. More women in STEM will benefit everyone. The Ten Steps will benefit you.

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What is The Ten Steps?

The Ten Steps is an action-driven framework that helps businesses in all sectors and educational establishments improve the recruitment, retention and progression of women. Each step provides structured support and practical measures that you and your company can take to ensure that you are fully benefiting from the potential of female talent.

An initiative led by industry and designed specifically for science, technology and engineering employers, The Ten Steps is a results-driven framework, unique in its focus on sectors where women are still very much a minority.

How can The Ten Steps help my business?

Each of the Ten Steps is designed to drive company performance. As members engage with our specially developed diagnostic tool, they are able to identify areas for improved balance in their business.

Offering structured support and advice, The Ten Steps allows companies to learn from the experience of others. By providing unique access to STEM industries across the UK, it provides members with a powerful network of change-makers and industry leaders in best practices. Led by WISE expertise and member experiences, each of The Ten Steps works to remove the complex barriers that can stand in the way of creating a genuinely inclusive culture and equal opportunities for all.

Why are The Ten Steps a core membership benefit?

The Ten Steps are a Core WISE membership feature because they provide evidence-based action, knowledge and tools that enable members to achieve improved gender balance in their business.

The framework has played a role in helping the UK get one million women into STEM and is attributed to an organisation that is widely recognised across the UK.

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