Ten Steps Diagnostic Form

Welcome to the WISE Ten Steps Diagnostic Tool.

The self report diagnostic tool has been designed to help you get a quick snap shot of your progress along the road to creating a more gender diverse organisation. By completing the questionnaire you will create a chart which identifies which of the Ten Steps you are most engaged with and could potentially share good practice with others. It will also show those where you are less advanced and perhaps need to address in the near future.

To complete the questionnaire simply answer the questions with :

2 for Yes
1 for Partially
0 for No

The scores are calculated automatically and transfered to a radar chart for ease of reference. You can save the diagnostic tool as an Excel file.

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Understand the Starting Point
Has your commitment to the Ten Steps been widely communicated?
Do you know how many women work in your organisation in STEM roles and at what level?
Do you gather and compare evidence of the workplace experience of men and women?
Do you assess and compare levels of pay for men and women in your organisation?
Do you set clear D&I targets - either numerical or aspirational?
Educate Your Leaders
Do leaders understand and articulate the business case for D&I?
Have your leaders been trained in Unconscious Bias?
Do leaders have performance targets related to diversity?
Do your leaders act as sponsors and mentors for women in the organisation?
Do they lead by example to raise the profile of diversity issues?
Change Mindsets
Do you have an accurate picture of your organisation's workplace culture?
Is zero tolerance of sexism explicit in the values and practices of the organisation?
Does the organisation have a robust process for dealing with complaints related to sexism & harassment?
Do communications & marketing materials represent women and men fairly and without stereotype?
Do you aim for gender balanced shortlists in recruitment?
Be Creative In Job Design
Do you regularly review the person specification before recruiting?
Do you use a competency based approach and review absolute requirements?
Have you asked what the barriers are for women in your business?
Have you reviewed the language you use to try to attract more women?
Do you make your D&I goals clear to any external recruitment agenices you use?
Make Flexible Working a Reality for All
Does the organisation operate flexible working where appropriate?
Do men and women benefit equally?
Is working from home an available option?
Are there people working part-time or flexibly in leadership roles?
Are those that work family friendly hours as likely to get promoted as those who work long or anti-social hours?
Increase Transparency of Opportunities
Do you monitor, by gender, who gets promoted within your organisation?
Do you give space and time to enable the development of career plans?
Do you have gender balanced promotion boards/panels?
Are the promotion, internal job application process and special project opportunities, transparent to all?
Do you proactively engage men and women to encourage them to consider promotion opportunities?
Sponsor Female Talent
Do women have the option of women only development courses?
Do women identified in your talent pool receive mentoring or sponsorship?
Do you know if mentoring is delivering what women need?
Does networking and day to day working allow visibility of females to the leadership team?
Do women represent the company externally via conferences and outreach?
Demonstrate your wish to retain and develop
Do you remain in regular contact with those on a career break?
Do you provide a support mechanism to bridge career breaks and work?
Do you offer flexible work patterns for returners?
Do you offer training for returners to help them adjust and get back up to speed?
Do you talk about maternity, paternity and carers leave openly and enthusiastically, not as a problem?
Approach like a Business Improvement Project
Do you have clear goals for improvement?
Have you identified priorities?
Have you appointed champions or change agents?
Is there a plan?
Are you measuring progress?
Sharing Learning & Good Practice
Do you have an internal team to share the load?
Do you actively contribute to good practice networks?
Are you demonstrating leadership within your supply chain?
Are you looking cross-sector and inter-sector for good practice?
Are you visibly celebrating success?
Grand Total


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Educate your leader:

Change mindsets:

Be creative In job Design:

Flexible Working:

Transparency of Opportunity:

Sponsor Female Talent:

Retain & Develop:

Business Improvement Project:

Sharing Learning & Good Practice:

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